Subramanya K.

Designation: PhD Scholar


Educational Qualifications

M. Tech

Power Electronics, St Joseph Engineering College, Mangalore (Visvesvaraya Technological University) 2012

B. Eng   

Electrical and Electronics, Bangalore Institute of Technology, Bangalore (Visvesvaraya Technological University) 2006

Dip. Eng              

Electrical and Electronics, Nitte Rukmini Adyanthaya Memorial Polytechnic, Nitte (Board of Technical Education) 2003

I am a PhD Scholar in the department of Water Resource Development & Management at IIT Roorkee under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Thanga Raj Chelliah. I obtained M.Tech in Power Electronics from St Joseph Engineering College, Mangalore in 2012, B.E. in Electrical and Electronics engineering from Bangalore Institute of Technology, Bangalore in 2006, and Diploma in Electrical and Electronics engineering in the year 2003 from Nitte Rukmini Adyanthaya Memorial Polytechnic, Nitte. Since 2012, I am working as an Assistant Professor in the department of Electrical & Electronics engineering, St. Joseph Engineering College, Mangalore. My areas of interests include power electronics, hydropower and renewable energy systems and biomedical instrumentation.

Industry Experience:

Project manager, Ambition Micro Labs, 4 Years

Teaching Experience:

Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronics, St Joseph Engineering College, Mangalore,
Period: 2012 to till date

Power electronics, hydropower and renewable energy systems and biomedical instrumentation.

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Pastime activities include reading journal papers, Delivering motivational Talks,  gardening, fitness training and others.