Completed Projects

  1. Tehri Hydropower Development Corp. (I) Ltd
    Topic | Analysis of Dynamic Performance of Variable Speed    Hydroelectric Plants under Grid Disturbances. 

       2. Central Power Research Institute, Bangalore
            Topic | Reduction of Switching Transients in Doubly Fed Induction Machines used in Large Pumped Storage Plants.

3. Ministry of Shipping, Govt. of India
     Topic | Doubly-Fed Induction Machine as a Propulsion Motor in Tugboats to Improve Fuel Efficiency.


Ongoing Projects

  1. THDC India Limited
    Topic | Analysis and Mitigation of Active Power Oscillations in Hydro-Generators Fed High Voltage Transmission Lines.

       2. Ministry of Shipping, Govt. of India
           Topic | Design and Experimental Validation of Battery Operated Short Endurance Vessels with Wireless Charging

3. Central Power Research Institute, Bangalore
     Topic | Design of Fault Tolerance and Reconfiguration Control for Megawatt Power Electronic Converters Fed Variable Speed Pumped Storage units.

Upcoming Projects

  1. National Mission on Power Electronics Technology, India

    Topic | Power-Hardware-In-Loop Simulation for 25 MW Power Electronic Converters Fed 250 MW Hydro-Generating Unit

    Collaborator  |  IISc, IITB, NITT, IIEST Shibpur and CDAC-T